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In just the ten years this product has been on the market, we are pleased to have helped so many thousands of people. softFLEXTM gloves are currently being prescribed by orthopedic surgeons and recommended by hand therapists throughout the United States and Canada. They are also being used with great success in many Fortune 500 companies and by federal, state and local government agencies.

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I recently ordered a pair of softFlex Computer Gloves TM. I've not have them a full week yet and ready can tell this to a significant difference in wrist fatigue and aching. I am a medical transcriptionist who works from home, and I have recommended your products to the hospital that I have a contract with, as well as to a couple of the doctors' offices in the area who routinely see patients for CTS from continued computer use.

Thank you for developing such a comfortable, effective product. I was so afraid that the gloves would be too restrictive or that my typing speed would slow for a few days until I adjusted - not the case at all. In fact, I can hardly tell that I have them on! Biggest differences is when I take them off at the end of the day - no rest that eight were aching!

Thanks again. This is a wonderful product.



Hello! The medical transcription service I work for requires a minimum of 60 typed pages per day. I've been in MT for many years, but over the last two or three years it's been a real struggle to make the minimum quota due to wrist pain and post-typing hand weakness and waking up several times each night with pain and tingling in my wrists.

I've been using the gloves for about five weeks now and no longer have a wrist pain or weakness, and I no longer wake up at all at night with wrist pain or tingling.

Thank you so much for your fine product! Just yesterday I typed 102 pages with no pain or fatigue whatsoever!



These gloves are remarkable! I use them on a daily basis while working at my computer and they have relieved the pain in my hands, wrists and arms. Prior to wearing them I had a great deal of discomfort in considered surgery for relief.


I spend hours in front of the keyboard and this is just what I needed .. or actually what my Wrists needed. Thanks again for the prompt service and for providing this solution!!


"I have had carpal tunnel surgery in the past and find the wearing of the softFlex Wrist wear relieves the pressure in my wrists and hands.

My job consists of using a keyboard a number of hours a day and find their use remarkable!!"


"Very comfortable - does not cause hands to sweat. With most wrist splints, they prevent you from doing other tasks unless you take them off. softFlex allows you to do all office tasks comfortably."


"I have enjoyed wearing them and feel they will help in preventing any problems. I would purchase another pair."


" . . .comfortable and supportive."


". . . they made my hands feel better."


"I could feel the difference when I wore the gloves - they do help."


"Soft, comfortable, supportive. I use these all day - every day - they support my wrist and discomfort is about 75% better with than without!"


"These gloves are remarkable! I use them on a daily basis while working at my computer and they have relieved the pain in my hands, wrists and arms. Prior to wearing them I had a great deal of discomfort and considered surgery for relief."


"They are so much better than all the other stuff they gave me to wear. I couldn't believe it, I had no problems."


"SoftFlex has allowed me to return to using my personal computer, my woodwork and driving my car without pain, weakness and numbness."


"They are comfortable - very flexible. Do not get in the way."


"Good, very comfortable."


"I have been employed by Dr. Donald ... for ten years now and use a computer terminal 90% of my day. I have been very concerned about developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, since I do extensive computer work. I recently tried your gloves and found them to be extremely helpful. They eliminate pressure on the wrist area and are very comfortable. I would highly recommend their use for anybody using a computer terminal at their work place or even at home."


"Your SoftFlex Computer Gloves are the PERFECT solution for tired achy wrists. I feel relief immediately after I grip the mouse. It's a very conscious relief feeling, as I know a lot of my pain has been attributable to the use of the "..." mouse. THANK YOU!"


"They have made a difference, of that there can be no question. I wear them all the time, at work, even if I'm doing phone work or hand writing. ... They're great. I shall recommend them to all of my colleagues. "


"I am happy to announce that after 6 weeks [of wearing SoftFlex Computer Gloves], I have a marked improvement in my wrist and finger pain. I have been able to discontinue medication and have only periodic mild discomfort. I believe that these gloves have made a real difference. . ."


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