Carpal Tunnel doesn't have to be a problem

With softFLEX Gloves, You can stop it before it starts

An epidemic of computer-associated hand and wrist pain and numbness now affects 7 million Americans a year.

These symptoms are frequently and routinely misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome when they are, in fact, a result of Computer-Associated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The numbness and tingling that signal Computer-Associated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are caused by pressure placed on the median nerve when you rest your wrists while using your keyboard or mouse. The solution is a simple, comfortable, fingerless glove with two soft foam cushions that run parallel on either side of the median nerve to divert and absorb the pressure. Unlike pads, wrist rests, and splints currently in use that only cushion the median nerve, softFLEX Computer Gloves take the pressure off.

softFLEX has been clinically tested and proven to relieve the painful symptoms of computer use. Over 75% of the symptomatic computer users in our study showed statistically significant improvement after wearing softFLEX computer gloves for just six weeks.

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